Educating Yorkshire: Mushy Finds His Voice

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On Educating Yorkshire’s: “Mushy Finds His Voice”, we see that 17-year-old Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar, a student at Britain’s Thornhill Academy has dreams of becoming a teacher. There were times when it seemed inconceivable, as the young man’s stammer made speaking his own name an arduous task. Here we witness a breakthrough in his speech education, as he is able to address his entire class amid tearful appreciation.

Mushy Finds His Voice Shows Anything is Possible
Mushy finds his voice and shows us all just what is possible with help and patience. While many had written him off as someone who would never be able to speak publicly, kind and committed educators found a way to connect. We would all do well to help foster such an air of love and support with our peers, and thank our teachers for the support they provide.
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