Farmer Joe Becker Finds Inspirational Thoughts In The Compassion Of His Neighbors

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In Montana harvesting the fields is a critical chore as Joe Becker and his neighbors know. When Joe broke both legs while he was building a cabin he did not know what he would do, and the farmer was recovering and unable to move when his wheatneeded to be harvested.

Instead of allowing the fields of wheat to go unharvested the compassionate neighbors and family of Joe Becker stepped in and took care of this chore, so the farmer could recover without worrying about his crops.

Wheat Crop Loss Would Devastate Joe Becker Financially

If Joe Becker lost his wheat cropthen this could spell financial devastation. When the farmer fell off a ladder as he was building a cabin with his son the injuries he sustained were crippling. Becker spent 5 days hospitalized while recovering from surgery, and he had numerous screws placed in his leg. Both legs were broken after the fall and it was not possible for Joe Becker to even climb into the harvesting equipment in order to bring the wheat in from the fields.

English: bundle of wheat crops after cutting a...

English: bundle of wheat crops after cutting and before harvesting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Joe Becker was in the hospital and on mandatory bed rest, the farmer received a phone call from one of his neighbors, and this lightened his stress and emotional turmoil considerably. The neighbor told Joe that his crops would be taken care of while he was recovering, and that farmers from the community would take care of everything because Becker had enough to worry about with his injuries and medical problems.

Joe Becker Very Grateful For Compassion His Neighbors Showed

For several days, neighbors from Rudyard, Montana showed up at the farm Joe Becker worked, and they brought all of the equipment needed to get the wheat harvest in. While Joe sat on his front porch and watched with gratitude the local farmers pitched together and worked his fields quickly and effectively. Combines were side by side as they harvested the wheat, and Joe Becker told a local reporter that his neighbors would not take no for an answer.

When the community of Rudyard rallied around Joe Becker and compassionate neighbors came together with a common goal in mind the results were inspiring. The fields were cleared in a short time and no one expected anything other than a thanks for all of their efforts. The compassion and decency that the residents of Rudyard showed when Joe Becker needed help proves that inspirational thoughts can be found everywhere.

When 14 people showed up to take care of Joe Becker, his wife Jean, and their farm the results were amazing. Jean Rudyard was tearful when she spoke with a reporter, and Joe told the interviewer that his neighbors managed to do the job in two and a half days when it usually took him a full week. The couple said in the interview that they could not think of the words to describe their gratitude to the local community and the compassionate farmers in the area.

  • Would you chip in if a neighbor needed help?
  • What if the individual could not feed or take care of themselves?
  • Would you rather donate time or money in this type of situation?
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