10 Tips to Perform Better Under Pressure

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No matter how well you plan, unexpected things happen and pressure sets in. Work, family and life in general are not neat and tidy things in which we can predict every twist and turn. In the end, one of the main factors that sets the most successful (and happy) people apart from the rest is their ability to cope with life’s inevitable pressures both efficiently and ably.

Dealing with pressure and adapting to change are skills in their own right, however they are skills that can be developed and improved over time through a little focus and effort. They can’t be learned from a book, as coolness under pressure involves wrangling our emotions and maintaining a focus that is subjective depending on the circumstances.

So just how do we deal better with pressure? An article we came across by Dr. Travis Bradberry suggests 10 key techniques that when incorporated and practiced as part of one’s life will help you not only cease to buckle under pressure, but begin to thrive on it.

As the article suggests, before tackling any of the 10 techniques, it is important to accept that stress is not only an inevitable part of life, but one not inherently bad. Stress can push us to work harder and longer, and to strive to be our best. They key is to manage our expectations and accept that intermittent stress can help fuel us if we tackle it from the right perspective.

Let us know what you think of the advice, as well as any additional techniques you may have for coping with pressure.

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