7 Things Successful People Don’t Say (So Maybe You Shouldn’t Either)

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We here at often make the point that you should listen to those who have come before you because they can share a wealth of information to ease your own journey to the top. Listen to the trailblazers and the pioneers and take their guidance to find yourself taking the same path forward to success.

Today’s lesson is that the things we say carry weight, and however innocuous some may seem, striking a few key phrases from our work and academic vocabularies can help us come across better to others. This, in turn, will help us develop greater confidence in ourselves. Read this piece by Ilya Pozin, founder of Pluto TV, among other ventures, and see what he has to say about adjusting some simple speech patterns to better present yourself for achievement.

Most of the phrases relate to being unwilling, or declaring oneself unable, to do something. We will all have moments of doubt, but once we start verbalizing them the second they cross our minds, we create doubt about ourselves before we give our brains a chance to tackle a task or problem and take it down to size.

Take a read for yourself and let us know what you think, and more importantly, think before you tell us!

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