9 Quick Tips For Managing Your Inbox

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Email has grown to be a major part of how we communicate, both professionally and personally. Managing your inbox will be an important part of maintaining your levels of both success and stress in school, and when you enter the workforce.

As a practice, good inbox management is the marriage of two important skills we all need to succeed. The first is the ability to remain organized, as staying on top of tasks is the difference between doing something well, doing it in an average manner, and not getting it done at all. The other important skill it plays into is our ability to effectively communicate. We need to be engaged and polite, but also find a balance whereby we are efficient enough to get out our point and reach everyone we need to.

With a lot more than you thought riding on that little mailbox shaped icon, some help is in order. We tracked down this great article written by Jonathan Rosenberg, whose importance at Google makes him an authority on both business and technology. Read his 9 tips for managing your inbox and you’ll be on your way to a more impressive presentation of yourself, as well as a less stressful day to day.

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