The Dangerous Issues Facing Sleep and Teenagers

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Today we have a very important article to share with you. As we endeavor to help you to mold teens into their most productive and successful selves, the issue at hand today can have implications regarding teen achievement and their safety.

Sleep is a major issue for many people across the globe, however science shows that it is especially important for teenagers whose bodies are still developing. Today’s teenagers also facemyriad issues ranging from academics, to social pressures and new responsibilities. Sleep helps us work better and more efficiently, and it affects our processing in critical ways that can impact our personal safety.

This important article from The New York Times is written by Jane E. Brody speaks to the issues facing our teens and their sleep habits in modern society. The confluence of enhanced responsibilities, busier schedules than previous generations, the usual adolescent pressures andomnipresent technology create a sort of perfect storm in which teens these days are getting record low amounts of sleep.

While the amount of sleep our teens are getting seems to have changed, the importance of sleep has not. Besides health risks like high blood pressure and depression being associated with low levels of sleep, parents with teens starting to drive need to be aware of the dangerous impact that sleep deprivation can have on road safety. Read the article to learn about the dangers, as well as the remedies, to help your teens attain an appropriate amount of sleep. You won’t just be propelling their success, you’ll be protecting them as well.

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