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International Dot Day: Make Your Mark

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The concept is simple, but the message is powerful. International Dot Day inspires people of all ages to harness creativity and to reflect on the difference they can make in the world by starting something. Though the day of celebration is September 15th, many choose to “observe” the movement and carry the message through the end of the year. The message is one we can all learn from and use to challenge ourselves to “make our mark” on the world.

The idea is based on the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. It follows the story of a girl named Vashti who believes she can’t draw. Her teacher challenges her to “make a mark and see where it takes you.” Vashti makes such a mark, a simple dot, on a piece of paper and her teacher encourages her to sign it. She is later surprised to see her dot framed and on display at her school. This inspires her to say “I can make a better dot than that.” She begins drawing elaborate, colorful dots and in time comes to see that she is an artist, she simply needed a push to get started.

From this simple story comes a powerful lesson. Life is full of opportunities to say “I can’t” or “I won’t” and delay our chance to grow and explore our talents. We may deny ourselves an opportunity to begin, out of fear, uncertainty or because we are too quick to compare ourselves to others. There is great potential inside every one of us, the hardest part is to simply get started.

Join Others As International Dot Day Celebrates Beginnings

International Dot Day seeks to get the ball rolling, to act as the teacher in the story by encouraging everyone to start something, to find our own “dot.” Rather than seek perfection or confuse the issue by focusing on the end result, dot day encourages everyone to start at the beginning. We all have the tools, we simply need to put them into action and see what happens next.

Be sure to check out the official Dot Day website for ideas and inspiration. You may also enjoy “Celebri-Dots” featuring works from some of your favorite well known authors, artists, TV and film personalities and many more; sharing their interpretations and ideas to help get you started.

Start a project. It could be an piece of artwork, a bit of writing, a new hobby or a volunteer effort. Rather than worrying about where it will ultimately end up, let it simply begin…with a dot. Make that first mark, take that first step or make that first move. Let something simply begin, and like Vashti, you will surprise yourself with where it inspires you to go.

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