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Lessons Learned from “Professional Email”

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When it comes to being successful and getting ahead in life, sometimes what we need more than anything is a little levity. There are things we can’t change and things we can’t control and sometimes taking a moment to chuckle, rather than stew in resentment, will do us wonders in the long run.

We came across this article from Inc. Magazine by Geoffrey James. It highlights the “10 Dumbest Boss Emails of All Time,” and brings a humorous light to some frustrating corporate realities. Whether you are a parent who happens to be working in a large business environment, or a student who may one day, taking the time to chuckle at some of these absurdities will do you well.

There is also a lesson in this article. The author points out that many of the ridiculous points made in these emails were born out of bureaucracy and working within the narrow confines of anobfuscated system. As teens look to create the landscape of tomorrow’s businesses, they could learn a lot from what doesn’t work.

Think independently, challenge convention and always consider how you may bring your common sense and patience to all the work you do. In the meantime, enjoy a good laugh courtesy of a very funny article by Geoffrey James.

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