Nothing Happens Without Readiness For Change

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Change is a necessary part of life; however just because it is inevitable does not mean it is easy. We must be ready to adapt to life as it throws new challenges our way. When we become stagnant we miss opportunities to grow and learn. We all want to grow but we must ask ourselves: are we truly ready to make necessary changes when called upon? Too often we set the cart before the horse. We often want to experience a major change in life. We want to make new friends, to get into a great school or make the cut on a sports team. What we can often forget is the fact that many small changes may be necessary to precede that major one. Are we willing to make some sacrifices to get to our goals? Can we accept that our plan won’t always work, and that we will have to change it as we go along? We must be ready to accept the changes the world places before us and not just the changes we choose to make ourselves.

Families Facing Change Can Work Together

Parents: We must remember that as accepting as we may think we are to changes, the changes we will need to face will not always be our changes. We may say that we are flexible and willing to listen to our kids, but are we really only preparing ourselves for the one, favorable outcome we desire? Part of being ready for change is being ready even for changes that are not necessarily the ones we had in mind.

Teens: As we grow we are constantly experiencing change. We get taller, we gain friends and lose others, we participate in new classes and learn new lessons. Some changes are exciting and some changes are scary. Change comes with privileges but also with responsibilities. It is important to learn to accept challenges as easily as we accept rewards.

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