Success Tips Learned from Peyton Manning’s Methods

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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

With the 50th Super Bowl in the books, let’s take a look at star quarterback and Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning to gain insight and inspiration on how to be successful.

To most, winning a Super Bowl is a dream; however, to Peyton Manning, it is a reality. The 38-year-old superstar recorded his second career Super Bowl win in Golden State this past January in an historical performance. Manning’s long lasting career, which has been full of milestones, broken records, and victories, comes as no surprise considering his mind-blowing work ethic. One of the reasons that Manning has been able to accomplish so much is because of the hard work and dedication that he gives to his craft.

Since Manning was a teenager, he often woke up at 4 a.m. to practice football with his father, Archie, and brother, Eli. This early morning routine stuck with Manning and he stuck with it. As an example, Peyton once showed up to the Colt’s practice facility at 4 a.m., just hours after completing a late night game, so that he could get in some extra practice time before the rest of the team showed up (at 9 a.m.). One lesson that can be learned from this is that in order to succeed and attain a goal, one must sacrifice time and push through limitations.

Another lesson that can be learned from Peyton is consistency. Throughout his impressive 19-year NFL career, Peyton never missed any games (except for the 2011 season when he was unable to play due to injury).  Not only that, even during games when his team is being blown out, Peyton remains in the game and closes out strong. An important key to success is reliability and consistency. One must eliminate all excuses and perform at all costs in order to achieve success.

It is almost inevitable that along the road, one will encounter setbacks and limitations; however, what separates the “goods” from the “greats” is persevering and not allowing obstacles to get in the way of a goal (sorry for the pun). Manning is the perfect paradigm of this philosophy, because after injuring his neck during the 2010 season, he worked tirelessly to regain control on the field and to repossess the talent that he had worked so hard for. He even had his teammates recreate plays from previous games so that he would regain confidence on the field. Manning is an excellent example of how persistence, patience, and determination can break through any impediment on the path towards success.

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but it is important to realize that his success did not happen overnight; rather, it is the result of countless years of focus, dedication, drive, and passion. There is just as much to learn from Manning’s work ethic, as there is to learn from his stellar football skills. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning on winning the 2016 Super Bowl!

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