Tragedy in Bangledash: Factory Fire [Female; Age 14; NJ]

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On April 34, 2013, a Bangladesh Factory fire caused the deaths of 1,227 workers.  Unfortunately, such deaths are not uncommon in this small nation, which supplies garments for such notables as Burlington, Wal-Mart, and Disney.

bangladesh factory fire killed over 1200 people

Who is to blame for the Bangladesh Factory Fire? The Government, Factory owners, consumers, big corporations, a combination?

Quickly, retailers scrambled to distance themselves from the tragedy, but we wanted opinions.  In this segment, a girl from New Jersey gives us her opinion regarding who is to blame.

Who is to Blame in Bangladesh Factory Fire?

Who is to blame for this tragedy? The factory owners or the government? In my opinion it was both. The government is blame because they either did not pass laws with safety requirements or they were lax at enforcing safety requirements. But of course it must also be the factory owners fault! The factory owners didn’t build their factory safe whether or not there was a law, or they knew the building was not safe and allowed people to work in it anyway.

A similar situation occurred with the Titanic. British law had a safety requirement that each ship had to have a certain amount of lifeboats, depending on the number of passengers. The Titanic exceeded the required number of lifeboats they needed to pass this test, but still they did not have enough for everyone onboard. This caused a tremendous amount of deaths!

Even if the factory owners passed certain minimum safety standards, they should have carefully inspected the building and followed common sense safety requirements. With this said, the government should think about this tragedy and the people that died, and pass the needed laws to prevent this type of tragedy in the future.


What are YOUR thoughs on the Bangladesh Factory Fire?

We’d like to hear more from our readers.

Such “accidents” in third-world nations such as Bangladesh are very common.  We’d like your opinions.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment.

  • Are these accidents the cause of neglect or chance?
  • Should we boycott certain retailers who have goods manufactured under dangerous conditions?
  • What is really to blame in tragedies such as the Bangladesh Factory Fire?
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