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sophia greenblatt inspire conversation

by Sophia Greenblatt

On April 13, 2020, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand began a campaign to inspire people to safely assist their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign was called “Combat COVID-19 Challenge” and they launched it on social media. 

Senators Cruz and Gillibrand both completed the #CombatCOVID19Challenge and they each posted a video with a message encouraging others to participate. Senator Cruz brought breakfast tacos and coffee to the Police Officer’s Union in Houston, Texas. He posted a video and said, “Do something that will make a difference in your community to make it through this crisis. Do it in a way that’s safe. Use PPE. Don’t risk anybody’s safety.” In this video, he asked others to help their communities during the next two days. Senator Gillibrand completed the challenge by providing healthcare workers with pizza. In a tweet she posted, Gillibrand said, “Acts of kindness and compassion are more important than ever, especially for essential workers on the front lines of this crisis.” 

The coronavirus crisis has presented us with many profound challenges which is why it is so important to do our part and make a difference. The Combat COVID-19 Challenge was a great way to get many people involved in assisting their communities, especially because it was a bipartisan effort that transcended party lines. We continue to pray for the speedy recovery of the victims of the coronavirus and for their families. We also continue to pray for all of the workers on the frontlines who are risking their lives to help us all.

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