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‘Donut Boy’ Thanks Police Officer Through Distribution of Donuts

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by Sophia Greenblatt –

Tyler Carach is on a mission to deliver donuts to police officers across America as a sign of gratitude. Tyler, eleven years old, has distributed more than 75,000 donuts so far. He has accomplished this in only two years and has already traveled across forty-one states.

Tyler has learned a lot from his mission, including lessons such as how to use a taser. Tyler wants to be a K-9  officer when he grows up. Tyler teaches each and every one of us the importance of gratitude, and how we should say thank you to those who protect us.

The idea for this mission originally stemmed from buying four officers donuts in a local store. After witnessing how thankful the police officers were for this act of kindness, Tyler decided he wanted to say thank you to every officer in America. Many of the donuts that Tyler distributes are donated or bought by Tyler’s family, sometimes with a discount. Tyler travels across America on all of his school breaks and during most of his summer vacation. If need be, Tyler’s supportive school will give Tyler school work to take on his trip. Sheena, Tyler’s mom who is a retired police officer, accompanies Tyler on his trips. On his deliveries, Tyler goes to the police quarters in his colorful cape with boxes of donuts. Many times Tyler even brings coffee and writes notes for the officers.

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