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Singing at the Mayo Clinic

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by Sophia Greenblatt

Doctors Elvis Francois and William Robinson are the chief residents of orthopedics at the Mayo Clinic, located in Minnesota. Over the years of their training, the two doctors have been recording songs with Dr. Robinson playing the piano and Dr. Francois singing. One of their songs, their rendition of “Imagine” which is a song by John Lennon, through which they hoped to console the public during the coronavirus pandemic, went viral. As Dr. Robinson put it, “We decided to post it as the quarantine had kinda hit its stride and people were…scared…stir crazy — looking for some hope and comfort.” They believe that the song had an appropriate message of helping people unite, even though it was written almost 50 years ago during the Vietnam War. After they posted their video on Instagram, they received widespread praise which they are thankful for. 

Doctors Francois and Robinson are happy that they can help others through their singing. To continue in their effort to comfort people during this difficult time, they recorded and released an extended play record comprised of four songs. The title of the record is “Music and Medicine,” which is fitting because both doctors consider music to be a strong form of medicine. Dr. Francois said, “Music goes places that medicine can’t go” because he believes that music can help heal people when medicine cannot help them. Big Machine Records, a record label company, assisted the two doctors by providing them with a studio to record their songs. Money from the record sales will be donated to the Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Keep up your singing and mission Doctors Francois and Robinson!

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