Hunter Mahan Knows How To Balance Work and Family

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Balance is something that Hunter Mahan has shown he knows how to do. In July of 2013 Mahan was leading the pack in the RBC Canadian Open when he found out that his wife Kandi was in the beginning stages of labor.

English: IMG_0520, Hunter Mahan at a golf tour...

English: IMG_0520, Hunter Mahan at a golf tournament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The golfer had no problem making a quick decision and withdrawing from the tournament so he could get back to his wife in Dallas, Texas. This made Hunter Mahan the talk of the tournament, but the star knew that he had to balance out the birth of his first child with his golfing responsibilities.

Hunter Mahan Puts Golf on Back Burner For Balance In Life

Hunter Mahan was doing very well in the RBC Canadian Open, and the golfer was picked as a leader and top finisher for the tournament. This all changed when Hunter received word that his beloved wife Kandi was in labor, and this was the first child for the couple. Balance is important in life, and family must come first in every way. Mahan had no problem with this and withdrew from the tournament so that he could be with his wife when their first child was born. This dedication to family and an ability to achieve true balance makes Hunter Mahan a star in every sense of the word.

Achieving balance between family and work can be almost impossible at times, but Hunter Mahan quickly realized which was most important with the pending birth of his first child. The golfer was in the lead during the RBC Canadian Open, and while it is not possible to say what may have happened if he had finished the tournament few believe that he would not have achieved a high ranking. By choosing to balance his family responsibilities with his golfing Hunter Mahan showed why he shines as a person as well as a golfer.

Family Comes First For Hunter Mahan

No one would say that Hunter Mahan is not dedicated to his craft, and golf means a lot to this sports star. His actions on Saturday, July 27, 2013 showed that Mahan values his family even more though, and that he understands why balance is so important. When the golfer withdrew from the RBC Canadian Open he was leading, but his determination to get back home and his dedication to his wife and unborn child were extremely inspiring. Hunter went on Twitter after his first child was born to thank all of his fans for supporting his decision and expressing his gratitude.

  • Hunter Mahan’s actions have inspired thoughts and opinions across the Internet and world.
  • The golfer has managed to balance his work and life admirably, and his decision to withdraw from the RBC Canadian Open shows that he values his family above all else. What would you do in the same situation?
  • Would you withdraw when you were winning or would you try to finish before heading to the hospital for the birth of your first child?
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