Message Learned From A Heartwarming Super Bowl Ad

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More than 110 million people watched the Super Bowl this year. This great tradition spans generations and unites family and friends in the pursuit of food, football and fun. Many also know that Super Bowl advertisements can be an event in their own, as companies pull out all the stops to create the most talked about plugs of the year.

This year, at least one commercial truly is worth talking about, as McDonald’s used their time to help promote something far greater than hamburgers: family love.

The ad launches “Pay With Lovin’,” a promotion with a positive message. Starting February 2nd, 2015 and running through the 14th of the month, some lucky customers will be given the option of receiving their meal free of charge. Or rather, instead of providing monetary compensation for their food, the customers will be given the option of paying with an act of love.

As per the advertisement, examples of this include complementing a family member, or sharing a hug.

For those curious on how to take advantage of this opportunity, McDonald’s has explained that each restaurant will give away a set number of meals paid for with “lovin’” each day of the promotion, and patrons will be randomly selected for the opportunity.

Of greater importance is just what this promotion means. While the food given away at no cost to some diners is certainly a generous offer on the part of the restaurant chain, the even greater gift is in the nature of the campaign itself.

How often does a day go by in our lives in which we don’t, for whatever reason, tell a family member how much we love them, or what they mean to us? In our busy lives, do we often run out the door without a quick hug to those we care about, or take the time to call home in between our obligations? The simple reminder to take a minute and show those we care about just how we feel is a great message and one we should all take to heart, whether we get a free fast food item out of it or not.

The McDonald’s corporation is no stranger to good deeds, as their Ronald McDonald House charity has been helping children and families for decades. Read more about the great work done by the organization on their site.

We encourage you to take the lead set forth by McDonald’s – whether you plan on trying to get some free food or not. Take the time to show your family you love them and give an extra hug, or share a kind word. We should all strive to show small acts of love and compassion on a daily basis. Take the time out of your day for someone else, and see how much warmer the world can be.

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If you didn’t have a chance to see the McDonald’s ad for yourself, you can watch it here:


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