A Special Birthday Party

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Julia Greenblatt

Julia Greenblatt

How would you feel if you sent out invitations for your birthday party to 21 of your classmates only to have none of them show up? Unfortunately, this happened to 10-year-old Toxey Ahrabli.

Two days after this incident,Toxey opened his door to find some special visitors. A group of State Troopers saw a facebook post that Toxey’s mother had posted the day of the party to try to get parents to bring their kids. The State Troopers wanted to give Toxey a birthday party he would not forget, so they came to his house with birthday cake. They even bought video games and a razor scooter as presents for Toxey. “They had come to give me all that stuff and make up their own birthday party for me,” Toxey said. “I cried a little bit because they did that for me.”

The State Troopers showed Toxey how the sirens in their cars worked and let him see the dogs that they had. Together the group played a game of baseball.

What a great lesson to be learned from these State Troopers. Acts of kindness this this can inspire us all to be better people.

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