miracle birthday

Miracle Birthday

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by Sophia Greenblatt

Omar Taylor, a regional director of a company known as Care UK, had a very serious case of coronavirus. Mr. Taylor was in Colchester General Hospital for six weeks fighting coronavirus, pneumonia, sepsis, heart failure, and two strokes. He dreamed of getting better in time to be at home for his son’s second birthday. Kaitlyn, his wife who is a nurse-in-training, said that his son Harrison “gave him the strength and willpower to make it home.” She said that it was miraculous to witness her husband leave the hospital, especially because medical staff told her to “prepare for the worst” since her husband experienced many complications in the ICU. Doctors were not optimistic about his prognosis; they did not think he would be able to walk in the future. In fact, Mr. Taylor’s recovery was so shocking to them that they chose to perform a special study on his case. During his recovery process, Mr. Taylor is dealing with mobility problems and loss of speech and has been having therapy sessions at home. 

One of Mr. Taylor’s friends created an online fundraiser for him and the campaign reached over £18,000. The money was very helpful for the family, especially because Mrs. Taylor is unable to work because she is taking care of Mr. Taylor and the couple’s children.

We are so happy that Mr. Taylor is on the road to recovery and applaud all those who have helped him through this difficult time. We wish Harrison a belated happy birthday! We continue to pray for the safety and health of all those who are sick and for the frontline workers.

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