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Shaquem Griffin Meets Joseph

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sophia greenblatt inspire conversation

by Sophia Greenblatt

Shaquem Griffin, an NFL player on the Seattle Seahawks, does not have a left hand. Griffin’s hand was amputated when he was a child due to his diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome, a condition which did not allow proper growth of his fingers. This condition caused a lot of pain for Griffin which led to the amputation of his left hand. Griffin went to Florida to visit the state where he was a big college sports player at the University of Central Florida. Even though Griffin is missing his left arm, he does not allow this to impact his dreams. Griffin is able to use a prosthetic arm to do weight exercises, and he also ran the forty-yard dash in record time as an NFL linebacker. Griffin’s talent is what allows for him to play on the Seahawks. Shaquill, Shaquem’s twin brother, is also an NFL player on the team. This season Shaquem had many successful tackles.

Griffin’s goal is to motivate disabled children to follow their dreams. Joseph, a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, does not have a full left arm. In Florida, at the Brooks Rehabilitation Center, the two met. When Shaquem met Joseph he had a big smile on his face and opened his arms. Shaquem Griffin teaches each and every one of us an important lesson: nothing in life should be perceived as a disability because we can all achieve our dreams even in the face of challenges.

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