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Woman Brings Random Acts of Kindness to the Forefront

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It is easy to notice the big things in life, but sometimes the small ones are what make all the difference in the world. A recent article turned us on to the story of a woman who has been making random acts of kindness her vocation.

“Project Be a Blessing” strives to improve the daily lives of others through small, unprompted acts meant to brighten the days of the recipients. The acts range from making cards to send sick children, feeding the homeless and those in need, or whatever else may add some levity and hope into someone else’s day. She posts online about these acts, not for recognition, but in the hopes that others may be inspired to follow suit. The entire project is funded and operated by one giving woman and her husband.

The stated aims of the project are to “give others a boost, bring them joy, show kindness and restore faith in humanity.” This is all accomplished one small act at a time.

The acts can be as deliberate as walking the streets in search of hungry people to feed, or cold people to clothe. Making cards for sick children is another example of a very active effort to do charitable work. Some of the acts are more subtle and include the couple opening their home to friends who have lost power or taken on water during a storm, or buying coffee for people in line behind them. Handing out lottery tickets and leaving kind notes to be found by people are other examples of small deeds that may make a big difference.

Changing The World Through Acts Of Kindness

It is worth mentioning that the woman at the head of this project suffers from a chronic illness herself. Rather than retreat into self pity, or focus on only herself and her condition, she chooses to use her energy to help others. She says it helps her as well, and it certainly provides a great example.

No single one of these deeds may change the world by itself, but the pattern and the sentiment behind them just might. Trying to spend just a  little bit of time and energy thinking about others brings joy to our lives. A world in which everyone does this would be a beautiful place indeed.

Parents: No matter who we are, what we do or what is going on in our lives: we are capable of doing small things to help others. When we put things off and say “I’ll do it when I have the time” or “I can’t afford to right now” it often leads to putting them off indefinitely. By spending the time right now, we establish a pattern of good that can only grow.

Teens: While you may think that there isn’t much you can do at this point in your life to help others, the most important contribution isn’t money or resources but attitude. While donating time or money can often inspire others to contribute as well, a giving attitude is what’s really contagious. Small things, done every day, add up over time and can end up meaning so much more than a bigger thing done once. Patterns of kindness and random acts taken without the expectation of return hold the promise to change minds and inspire people to come together. The world won’t be changed in a day, but you can change a day right now.

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