Students Teach Their Principal a Lesson in Giving

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In Bethlehem, New Hampshire it seems that the students have already become the teachers. Prior to their matriculation and emergence into the adult world, the 2015 departing senior class had a chance to make their last year of high school a truly memorable experience.

Seniors at Profile Junior-Senior High in Bethlehem had been planning an epic senior trip. They had worked hard and plotted a fantastic excursion to the “Rydin’ Hi Ranch” in New York and together raised almost $8,000 to fund it.

The school’s principal, Courtney Vashaw, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She originally planned not to share the diagnosis with students. Ultimately, given the time away from school her treatment would require, she changed her mind and revealed her cancer to the class. In a truly admirable and caring move, the senior class voted unanimously to cancel their trip and donate all of the money they had raised to their principal for her treatment.

In an interview with a local news channel, Principal Vashaw shares her surprise and appreciation for the special gesture. She says that while she had always tried to preach selflessness and care for others, this generous act by her students was unexpected.

According to senior class president Christopher Sirois, “Every one of us has a connection with her, and she has given so much to us that we just wanted to give back.”

These students recognized that as much fun as their senior trip would have been, they could really make a difference by helping their principal. They were able to set aside their own wants and look to the needs of someone else. The level of maturity in these young people, and the hope that they offer, is to be admired. According to sources, they plan to continue their fundraising efforts to raise more money for principal Vashaw, in order to demonstrate their gratitude.

Kindness, selflessness and charity are more than just nice ideals to talk about in passing. These students show that these ideals must be lived, often at the cost of personal sacrifice. When the rubber hit the road, they were able to set themselves aside and show their principal that they took her lessons to heart, by giving up their trip to help her.

Share this touching story with your friends and family, and talk about being ready to help others, whenever the opportunity may arise.

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