Angel Revealed

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

It is important to always recognize the good that people do in this world and to spread the word about good actions that people do. I believe that this will inspire others to do good things and it will help create a domino effect of kindness. A young Israeli soldier did just that when she witnessed a heartwarming scene of one man’s kindness  while on a train one day.

A second Israeli soldier was also a passenger on this train and during the ride, she was crying because she was on the phone with her electric company which was about to cut off the electricity to her apartment. This soldier shared an apartment with her single mother, who was waiting for her disability check to arrive so that she could pay the electric bill. The electric company wouldn’t make an exception for the soldier and her mother, despite the circumstances.

Another passenger, a stranger to the soldier, was also a witness to this scene. He overheard what the soldier was going through and decided to do something to help her out. He took her phone in his hands and told the electric company that he would pay for the entire bill, a total of 1,950 shekels (approximately $520 US). After watching this compassionate act, the first soldier approached the generous man and asked if she could take his picture and spread this story on Facebook. She wanted to make others aware of the good in the world.

Two lessons can be learned from this story. First, follow in the man’s footsteps and try to help out anyone you can when you are in a situation that allows you to help. Second, if you witness kind acts and goodness, please share the story. We hear about too much bad in the world from the news and social media outlets. Let’s work hard to share the good of others with the world as well. There is so much of it!

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