bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party Done Right

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Julia Greenblatt

Julia Greenblatt

A woman’s wedding, and the time period leading up to it, is an opportunity for a woman to be pampered and waited on. It is a time for everything to be about the bride. Most brides-to-be use this exciting time to have fun and enjoy themselves as they approach their wedding day, including participating in the longstanding tradition of the bachelorette party. Bride-to-be Jessika Baldwin decided to treat the women in a women’s shelter in Pennsylvania to a day of pampering instead.

Jessica took her bachelorette part-planning committee of family members and friends and focused their energy on her new project. “I was in a tough place in my life before, I really wanted to help lift the spirits of some women who are in a difficult life situation and treat them for the day,” she said.

Her new party consisted of coffee at Starbucks, haircuts at a salon, manicures, lunch, a shopping spree, a photo-shoot and a nice dinner. Some local businesses were impressed with Jessica’s idea and donated their services to the party. Jessica was able to share her special day with people who needed a pick-me-up. Her bachelorette party had a huge impact on people who really needed an occasion like this. Great job Jessica!

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