Disastrous Earthquake in Nepal

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Saturday April 25, 2015 saw a 7.8 magnitude earthquake strike Nepal in a cataclysm of death and destruction. As of the writing of this article, the devastation has been terrible, and the death toll has recently surpassed 5,000.

Nepal is a nation that was already experiencing hard times, with a struggling economy and a series of climbing accidents on Mount Everest that have left the nation struggling to cope. Early estimates place the aid required to rebuild shattered infrastructure between 5 and 10 billion dollars, according to IHS and the U.S. Geological Survey.

This tragedy is one that affects us all, and presents an opportunity to remind ourselves and our children, that we need to be there to help one another. Simply because horror strikes on the other side of the world, does not mean we can shy away from the call to aid. The people of Nepal need our assistance. With an average per capita income around $1,000 and an infrastructure that has a limited capacity to rebuild after disasters, let those of us who have to come to the aid of those who do not.

Here Are Some Relief Agencies You Can Consider Donating To:


Nepal Red Cross Society

The front line of relief efforts, this group will be providing first aid, search and rescue, the construction and staffing of medical facilities, blood donation and support/aid to the relief workers already on the ground. Due to the myriad issues in country please note that their website has been up and down and if you cannot get through but wish to help, try again shortly.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Will be focusing their efforts on medical relief and the delivery of supplies to survivors, including in the areas currently difficult to access. They will place a special focus on women and children, with things like neonatal care, temporary learning spaces and community based support programs.

Habitat for Humanity

Already has disaster response teams on the ground, working with local officials and other relief agencies to create emergency shelter kits. These will provide housing for displaced earthquake victims. Habitat has an 18 year track record of support in Nepal, and their online gift guide can show you exactly what a donation of your size might go to buy.

International Medical Corps

Is providing assistance on the ground in the form of coordinated response and trained medical staff. Additionally, they will be working to supply communities with the resources they need to rebuild after the initial rescue operation concludes. As an alternative to the above link, you can donate by text message. Texting MED to 80888 will give $10.

Doctors Without Borders

Will be providing advanced surgical teams to assemble a center for the most critically wounded by the earthquake, as well as mobile clinics which will help those affected in the most remote regions. In addition to medical care, the international team will help to bring water purification and other forms of aid to disaster victims.

All of these charities are doing great work to help the victims of this tragedy. No donation is too small, as every little bit helps form the bigger picture of relief. Please discuss the events in Nepal with your family, and talk about how you might help. Thank you for your consideration.

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