One Stitch Closer: Veronika Empowers Other Women

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Veronika Scott, 24, is the CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. This Detroit-based business seeks to teach women of their own personal value and enable them to seek their own dreams. She helps those who have fallen on hard times to realize that they can create their own solutions by believing in themselves.

We can empower each other to greatness

Veronika’s original plan to design and manufacture a coat for the homeless was eclipsed by her realization that the greater gift would be to provide jobs, training and support for the same individuals she was seeking to clothe. Now she does both in a way that seeks to address the systemic problems of homelessness through outreach to the community.



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  • Rob Zimmerman

    Practical supports take so many different forms. Well-paying jobs are also needed to provide alternatives to those at risk and prevent human trafficking

  • BethelCmemacon Church

    This is awesome and successful!!! Giving people what they need to stay warm and get a job!!!