A Pizza Delivery Tip For The Ages

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“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”

This is a simple notion to understand, with words that even young children can grasp. When we go beyond the simple meaning of the words themselves however, we are presented with a powerful message about charity and caring for others.

This concept is what Keith Newman, Indiana Wesleyan University’s CEO of Residential Education, was trying to convey to students in a recent lecture. Understanding that actions speak louder than words, he decided to illustrate the concept to students rather than simply explaining it.

During the 10 AM session, he ordered two pizzas from a local Domino’s restaurant. The total for the order came to $12.50. When the driver arrived to deliver the pies to Mr. Newman, he was led onstage and greeted with a once in a lifetime surprise. Newman presented him with a tip totalling $1,268, along with inspirational notes written and submitted by the students.

Overwhelmed by the generosity, the driver was in a state of shock. When asked what he would do with the money, he managed to explain that, off the top of his head, the money would help him provide an amazing Christmas for his two young children. The notes would also provide great support, he explained.

The message is a powerful one, and shows us that charity is a muscle we can and should exercise on a regular basis. “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone” isn’t just a quaint notion, but a powerful mantra to direct our actions towards others. While we might wish that we could dole out large tips to many hard working folks, or make hefty donations to every deserving charity under the sun, it is not realistic. Just because we can’t afford to do everything we want for others, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start with something.

By treating one other person, or aiding one specific cause close to our hearts, we set our intentions in a positive direction. That simple act of doing for one person what we can, reminds us to do our very best, and be our very best, to everyone we encounter in our day. In short, it helps us to keep close to our hearts exactly how we want to act towards everyone.

When it comes to caring for and being of service to others, nothing is too big or too small. Charity is not about how much money we can give, nor is volunteering about the amount of time. All service and charity are about improving the world around us by being the best people we can be, and making the world a more positive place.

Discuss how you as a family can work to help others and improve the world around you. How can you begin, today, to treat a single person the way you would treat everyone around you?

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