Practicing What You Preach

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Julia Greenblatt

Pastor Chris Marlow is helping – and encouraging others to follow – with Help One Now

Pastor Chris Marlow took a trip to Zimbabwe a few years ago that was not just life changing for him, but life-changing for the many orphans that he encountered on his trip. After seeing the poverty that these children lived in, many of them sleeping on concrete floors begging for work in exchange for food, Chris was inspired to take action.

The pastor founded Help One Now, a charity organization that provides food, shelter, and schooling for struggling children in third world countries. He recently published a book called Doing Good is Simple, in which he writes about his encounters with poverty-stricken people. He uses his book to encourage others to realize the seriousness of the situation and to step up and do something about it.

Chris did not just write a book telling others to help. He uses all of the book’s proceeds to provide meals for hungry children around the world. In 30 days alone, he managed to provide over 30,000 meals for people that needed it.

Chris has done something wonderful, and he encourages others to follow his lead. Whether it is donating money or advocating for a cause, helping others is always an admirable activity. Well done Chris!

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