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The League of YES

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by Sophia Greenblatt

When searching for volunteer options for their young children, two parents discovered the lack of volunteer opportunities. When their children, Tim and Jaclyn, were talking to their aunt in South Carolina, they discovered that she was a volunteer for a sports league which special needs children participated in. That is when they discovered the League of YES, a nonprofit organization in New York.

The League of YES helps special needs children experience the delight of playing baseball as well as teamwork. Volunteers sign up to coach the teams. Each of the participants is assigned a “Buddy,” or volunteer, who helps the child. The volunteer helping the player helps them hit the ball, run to different bases, interacts with them and forges a relationship. Both Tim and Jaclyn have been volunteers for four years, and they are excited to go to games, even though the games are early in the morning on weekends. Tim and Jaclyn used the money they received from a scholarship provided by their school district to give to the League of YES. After acknowledging all of their work, the “Sea of Love” award was given to Tim and Jaclyn.

Tim and Jaclyn’s efforts have inspired others to participate in the cause. A couple once came over to their parents and explained that after reading an article about the “Sea of Love” award given to Tim and Jaclyn, they decided that they wanted to give back as well. The couple then became involved in the league as coaches.

The League of YES, is an organization that can teach us different lessons. The volunteers’ work teaches us the importance of dedication. The volunteers try to make sure that after each game the players are happy. In addition, the compassionate attitude of Tim and Jaclyn teaches us to be compassionate as well. We applaud Tim, Jaclyn, and all those involved in the League of YES.

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