Toy Smuggler Offers Beacon of Hope in Torn Apart Syria

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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

Unfortunately, the war taking place in Syria has affected so many families and children in extremely negative and frightening ways. Children are growing up in a war-torn country and constantly witness hatred, fighting and death. When the war broke out in Syria, Rami Adham – a Syrian who lives with his family in Finland – wanted to help those living in Syria. His daughter, Yasmin, offered up one of her toys to donate to a child living in Syria. Rami saw potential in his daughter’s idea and decided to expand it to an even greater level.

Every two months Rami leaves his family behind in Finland and literally smuggles toys throughout Syria to give to children. Rami has dodged bullets and snipers, and has climbed fences all across Syria just to complete these missions. Rami believes that “kids should be kids” and that every child deserves to “be happy, deserves to have something to play with, and deserves to be a child.” This strong belief has motivated Rami to push past barriers and risks and deliver toys to children in Syria.

Rami has donated over 13,000 toys to children across Syria and has made an impact on so many people’s lives. He describes the smiles and joy that these toys bring to the children and their parents and says that it is a great feeling to see what these toys mean to them.

Keep up the great work Rami and stay safe!

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