Tree WiFi

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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

Sciencetopia estimates that by the year 2050 there will be over 6 million deaths caused by air pollution. Air pollution is a serious issue that is negatively affecting the health of millions of individuals as well as the environment. Treewifi, a project based in Amsterdam, is looking to tackle the issue of air pollution.

Automobiles are one of the main causes of air pollution. They emit harmful substances into the air and pollute the environment. Treewifi recognizes the negative impact that cars are having on the environment and have implemented a clever and enticing project to reduce the amount of pollution that is caused by driving automobiles.

Treewifi has set up birdhouses across Amsterdam that emit free-wifi when the level of air pollution has fallen under a certain level. The organization advocates for city dwellers to use public transportation or bikes to get around. CEF has calculated that a single bus can transport passengers that are likely to drive 40 cars. Treewifi has incentivized Amsterdammers to be more environmentally cautious by rewarding them with free-wifi.

Through this clever and rewarding free-wifi method, Treewifi has successfully encouraged people to reduce their negative impact on the environment. We hope that others can learn from Treewifi’s message and become more aware of the need to keep our environment clean and safe.

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