Harmonie-Rose Allen half marathon

A Very Inspiring Half Marathon

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by Sophia Greenblatt

In 2014, Harmonie-Rose Allen, a baby at the time, was diagnosed with meningococcal septicemia. Her doctors gave Harmonie-Rose only a ten percent chance of survival. Harmonie-Rose lost her limbs to meningitis, but she defied her odds of survival. At the age of five, Harmonie-Rose participated in a half-marathon. Seven people, including her teachers and family, pushed Harmonie-Rose for part of the marathon in a special running chair. But for the last part of the marathon, Harmonie-Rose was determined to walk even though she was cold and tired. Harmonie-Rose was cheered on by her parents at the finish line. Seven-year-olds Devon Baker who is fighting leukemia and Ellie Payne, who had heart surgery, also participated in the half-marathon with Harmonie-Rose.

We are so proud of Harmonie-Rose, Devon, and Ellie for their determination in the marathon, and wish them good health. Thank you to all those who supported Harmonie-Rose during the half-marathon. Thank you to Harmonie-Rose for being an inspiration.

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