All Winners

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Anna Greenblatt

“What would you do if you won the lottery?” This question has been asked and answered by many, and is often a theoretical, getting-to-know-you question. For Phoebe Brown though, the question was a real one, and she gave the perfect answer.

Phoebe was out shopping with her mom and was keeping an eye out for lottery tickets, an activity she often entertained herself with. Typically she does not find any tickets, or she might spot a losing lottery ticket. One day, however, that was not the case. Phoebe stumbled upon an already scratched winning lottery ticket, worth $100! Amidst the excitement of winning this money one would think that a seven-year-old girl would focus on the many toys she could buy for herself with the new-found money, but not Phoebe. When asked by her mother what she wanted to do with the money, Phoebe decided that she wanted to use it for the Thanksgiving food drive her school was running. This story ends on an even higher note because  Phoebe and her class won the “who can collect the most food for the food drive” competition. They were rewarded with the chance to shave their gym teacher’s beard, an opportunity that surely resulted in fun times and good memories.

Phoebe’s selfless act serves as an inspiration for us to follow in her footsteps and do good deeds. Great job Phoebe!

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