battling cancer

Battling Cancer

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by Sophia Greenblatt

Sanjuana Torres is a well-liked crossing guard at the Rusk School in Houston, Texas. Torres has worked hard to ensure the safety of the students for many years and enjoys watching them go to school every day. The students love Torres and high five her each morning on their way to school. An older student named Valeria said, “she’s practically family to us here at Rusk.” 

Unfortunately, Torres was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Torres never let her disease affect her work and when people found out that she was sick they felt the urge to do something to help her. Faculty and students at Rusk High School decided to raise money for Torres during this difficult time. They created a GoFundMe page called “Our Beloved Crossing Guard,” and have raised over eight-thousand dollars to pay for the medical bills and living costs while Torres recovered from the hysterectomy she was scheduled to have.

Torres is thankful for everything they had done for her; she said, “no one has ever done anything for me and I was happy. It’s like our principal always said to me, ‘Ms. Torres, we are your family we are going to take care of you.’ They are my family.” After her recovery, Torres planned to return to her job at the Rusk High School.

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